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ME TIME: All about your body —
for girls 8 to 12

As a girl, how did you learn about periods? Were you worried, encouraged, misinformed, proud, ashamed? Did you have anyone you could trust to ask questions about your body? Give your daughter a sound start with this special workshop led by Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Sarah Wallis. Covers puberty and periods, caring for your self, your body, and your faith — in a fun girls-only environment. Workshop includes open discussion, Q&A, activities, and build your own special “Me Time” kit.

MAMA TIME: Talking with your girls about puberty — for momsuterus-web

As parents we often want to hold onto our kids’ childhood as long as possible, and we keep putting off the big talks. But our girls are already facing very grown-up issues. By age 8, a quarter of girls have already begun puberty. Almost half of girls ages 6-8 are unhappy with their body or worrying about their weight. One in three middle-school girls has been sexually harassed or grabbed in school. The strongest defense for our girls is their connection with us. Get the skills and tools to give your girls the knowledge they need, and the self-confidence to navigate through this tough time.

MY BODY, MY DEEN: Health and spirituality — for teens

A three-part workshop for teens that covers common questions on a woman’s body and the menstrual cycle, caring for yourself, your body, and your deen – from an Islamic perspective. In a confidential girls-only environment, the workshop includes essential health information about women’s physiology, and how it relates to prayer, fasting, and wudu/ghusl (purification). The workshop also explores questions about sexuality and Islam, providing a secure environment to discuss sensitive and complex issues.

REAL TALK: Islam and sexuality – for teens/young adults

A safe, supportive group to discuss questions about sexual health and Islamic values. This group builds on the basic sex ed from home or school, with expanded health information, and helps young women make sense of the tsunami of messages around sex, beauty, desire, and self-worth they are surrounded by. Discuss the Islamic view of sexuality, modesty, body image, dating and marriage, and how this relates to their daily life, and the questions & concerns that they may have around these issues.