midwifes-handsWe offer personalized gynecology care that focuses on YOUR needs. Come see us for wellness care, “down there” problems, or check out our Real Healing program for complex issues.

We appreciate your expertise in your own health, and work with you to find solutions for real life.

  • Pap test, annual exam, and birth control:  Gentle exam that will put you at ease. Contraceptive options with or without hormones, including “oops-free” methods.
  • Menopause:  Help managing hot flashes, dryness and discomfort, evaluation of osteoporosis. Hormonal or natural approaches.
  • Teens:  Confidential counseling and gentle care – with or without a pelvic exam
  • Pelvic pain:  Severe or ongoing pain with periods, daily activities, or sexual activity.
  • Sexual health:  Counseling around health issues that affect your relationship, STI testing, questions & answers
  • Period problems, leaky bladder or pelvic weakness:  Painful, heavy, or irregular periods? Don’t suffer in silence – we can help. Non-surgical treatments for incontinence and options for prolapsed womb, bowel, or bladder
  • Fertility issues:  Evaluation of fertility, including natural fertility awareness, and help with premature ovarian insufficiency
  • Postpartum & breastfeeding:  Problems after childbirth – whether new or ongoing. Help with breastfeeding, milk supply or getting a good latch