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Black Seed Oil (nigella sativa) 

Known as the “seed of blessing,” nigella seed oil has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which aid wound healing. It helps prevent bacterial and fungal growth, viral replication, and the growth of abnormal cells. While speeding the healing process, it contains compounds that regulate the immune response, to restore healthy skin without overgrowth of scar tissue.  BUY

Black Seed Capsules (nigella sativa)

Pure ground nigella seed can be used for balancing the immune response, and improving the body’s metabolism and insulin sensitivity. It supports proper immune function, and helps reduce inflammation. A traditional remedy “for everything but death,” it has the benefit of scientific research to support its use for many health conditions.  BUY


Super Jennie Menstrual Cup
A fantastic alternative to pads or tampons. A relief for itchy or irritated skin. Soft, flexible, comfortable. Once it’s in you can’t feel it. Holds an amazing amount of fluid without leaking – even on super heavy flow days. The soft ball at the tip allows for easy removal, and doesn’t poke or irritate sensitive tissues. Won’t fall out or get stuck inside. Easy to sanitize in hot water. Long-lasting and well made, at a great price.  BUY


Modibodi Period Underwear Image result for modibodi
A wonderful solution for women or girls who don’t use tampons – or who need tampon backup – and want to get away from sweaty, sticky pads. These undies have a soft lining next to the skin that absorbs up to 4 tampons worth of liquid without leaking or feeling soggy. They can be rinsed in the shower and then machine washed. Be sure to air dry. Great for teens as well as for women with disabilities who may have trouble managing other period options.  BUY

Innersy Leak-Proof Backup Undies
Only slightly thicker than regular underwear, but leak-proof – these are great for tampon backup, or for those with mild incontinence or unpredictable periods. Organic cotton lining gives extra comfort, and confidence about avoiding “surprise” accidents. Much better than using disposable incontinence liners which can be sweaty and encourage bacterial growth.  BUY

Hesta Organic Cotton Pantiliners
Use these reusable cotton liners instead of regular pantiliners. Organic cotton will not cause allergic reactions, irritation, or chafing like regular pantiliners do. No plastic; these are soft and breathable. They snap around regular underwear and can be machine washed. These are also good for light period days as well as daily use, for those who prefer.  BUY


Replens Vaginal Moisturizer
This is a wonderful remedy for vaginal dryness, irritation, itchiness, or urethral sensitivity due to menopause. It’s used 2-3 times a week and helps restore a better balance to the vaginal ecosystem. It’s been shown to be equally effective as estrogen cream in easing the vaginal symptoms of menopause.  BUY

Luvena Vaginal MoisturizerLuvena Restorative Vaginal Moisturizer 5g Pre-filled Applicators 6 Ea
A good alternative to Replens for those who may be sensitive to that formulation. This addresses the same issues of dryness, itchiness, and sensitivity after menopause, also used 2-3 times a week. BUY

Revaree Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer Bonafide - Revaree Hyaluronic Acid for Vaginal Dryness - Non-Hormonal, Paraben-Free (10 Vaginal Inserts)
The same ingredient that helps your delicate facial skin feel soft and comfortable is available in a vaginal insert. Well absorbed, it helps to naturally hydrate the vaginal tissue and help with symptoms of itching, irritation, and dryness. BUY 


FemDophilus Probiotics
This probiotic is specifically formulated with specific probiotic strains of “good bacteria” proven to support vaginal health and recolonize the vagina after upsets such as a course of antibiotics. This can be taken daily to help with recurrent UTIs, yeast infections, or bacterial vaginosis. It can also be taken when symptoms first come on, or after an antibiotic treatment.  BUY

BoriCap Vaginal Boric Acid Suppositories
Boric acid can be a fantastic cure for stubborn or recurrent yeast infections. This should be used only under medical direction, since too high a dose can be very irritating to the delicate vaginal tissue. But the right dose can be a great way to restore good vaginal flora and eliminate yeast overgrowth. NOTE: These capsules are vaginal suppositories, meaning they are inserted in the vagina. Boric acid is poisonous if swallowed; this is for vaginal use only.  BUY

ConAir Bikini Trimmer
A bikini trimmer is the best solution for women who are prone to ingrown hairs, infected hair follicles, and inflammation from shaving or waxing. For women with very sensitive skin, the clipper accessory has a 1mm setting which avoids irritating the skin, and prevents ingrown hairs.  BUY


Wet Organics Aloe-based Lubricant
A vagina-friendly lubricant with no glycerin, parabens, or other harmful ingredients. Natural Aloe Vera gel is the basis for this gentle lubricant that helps reduce irritation or injury. It is unscented, hypoallergenic, and contains no artificial colors. Condom-safe.  BUY

Sustain Organic Lube
Another great aloe-based lube with no harmful or irritating chemicals. Unscented and great for sensitive skin, this is made by a woman-owned company. With organic ingredients it helps maintain healthy vaginal pH and is less likely to trigger allergic reactions than many commercial lubes. Also condom-friendly. BUY

Viva Organic Coconut Oil

This organic extra-virgin coconut oil is pure enough to cook with. As a lubricant, it’s the most gentle option for the most sensitive woman. Coconut oil is easily absorbed into vaginal tissue and very soothing to irritated skin. NOTE: Like any oil-based lubricant, this is not for use with latex condoms. Any oil will weaken condoms and make them prone to breakage.  BUY


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