Real Healing program

photo: Philip Bouchard

Our Real Healing program, for complex health issues, can give you the personal focus that you need. A series of one-hour appointments are reserved exclusively for you—no interruptions. You’ll also have personal access to message me directly with any questions or needs, as we work together.

Some issues that can benefit from our program:

  • Pelvic pain: Related to your period, ongoing throughout the month, or from specific triggers. Living with chronic pain is debilitating. You deserve to feel good in your body.
  • Mood swings: PMS, baby blues, or something more? Find hormonal and emotional balance – and feel like yourself again.
  • Sexual issues: Discomfort or pain, lack of desire or enjoyment – whether from hormone imbalances, relationship issues, or a history of trauma. Healing is a key part of good health.
  • Diet and weight loss: Tired of the roller coaster? Pinpoint what has been sabotaging your efforts, and find how to truly nourish yourself.
  • Optimizing fertility: Struggling to get pregnant but not ready for IVF? Work with your natural cycle to support your fertility.
  • Or other issues you’ve wanted to resolve…

We will perform a thorough physical exam and lab testing as needed, review your medical history, as well as other consultations you’ve had or medical records you provide. We’ll do a deep dive into your symptoms – how long this has been bothering you, what helps and what makes it worse, and what else is going on in your life that’s made this a challenge to resolve. Our work together includes personalized research to build a plan for your healing from many angles: therapies and medications, food-based remedies, supplements or herbal medicines, as well as personal or emotional supports.

Our appointments include careful teaching to give you confidence that you understand the issue well and have a good sense of your options. Together, we’ll develop a care plan that you feed good about, and clear next steps.

Please call us at (732) 456-6262 for more info, and to make your first appointment.