We don’t often think in terms of menopause when we notice our cycle start to change. But the earliest signs of peri-menopause can be seen as early as our mid-thirties. What?? This doesn’t mean you are about to hit menopause tomorrow, but it’s very common to notice some subtle changes as we get closer to 40 and beyond. Our periods may last longer, come a little less regularly, be heavier or lighter than they used to be, with more stopping and starting of the flow. They may even be “flooding” at times, with unpredictable super-heavy bleeding. At the same time, we may not feel like ourselves, in a permanent PMS-type state of mind. We may feel tearful, or unaccountably on edge. We may find ourselves lying awake night after night, when we used to be good sleepers. And we may notice a change in intimate relationships. Desire can be unpredictable, sometimes much higher, sometimes almost absent. Sex can be uncomfortable or even painful at times. This is all due to the shifting hormones of peri-menopause. Just as our body changed during puberty, with hormonal swings and shifts, it changes during the years around menopause. Part of this transition is learning our “new normal,” but another important piece is knowing that we don’t have to suffer through it. Schedule a Hormone Balance consult to learn more about what’s going on and why – and how you can feel comfortable again.

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