More Vitamin D Equals Less Cancer

sunshine-450x300Higher vitamin D levels are linked with a 67% lower risk of cancer in women, including breast , bowel, and lung cancers. Studies of nearly 2500 women show dramatic reductions in the rate of breast cancer, with up to 80% reduction in some groups. Experts recommend daily supplementation of 4000 IUs of vitamin D or careful daily sun exposure, without sunscreen, during the summer months.

This is especially crucial for women with darker skin, women who cover up for religious or other reasons, and women who spend most of their days indoors. Researcher Dr Garland of UC San Diego expressed the urgency of putting this information to widespread use: “Maybe some good souls who don’t want to see so many women get breast cancer will take our findings to heart. To me, it’s a scandal. Science has given us a way to protect women from breast cancer and nobody’s doing anything about it. It’s just a shame.”

Source: More Vitamin D Equals Less Cancer?

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