Childbirth as ultra-marathon?

newborn joshua reppenaker-mMany women expect that after delivery, they should be “back to normal” by their six-week checkup. But pelvic pain, leaking urine, or even pelvic organ prolapse is much more common than women realize, and can persist long after childbirth unless women get help for these problems. A recent study at the University of Michigan found that many women have long-lasting pelvic injuries they don’t know what to do about.

“If you’ve just run a marathon, it may take longer to heal than if you’ve just run a mile,” said Janis Miller, a professor at Michigan’s School of Nursing. “Some women’s birthing experiences are more strenuous than others, so one of the main points is to let women know their bodies will recover…but it can take a long time.”

Women do not need to suffer in silence! Pelvic “Kegel” exercises, physical therapy, and other treatments to soften scar tissue, can all help a woman recover her comfort and normal function over time.

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